Our education

Want to become a boatman?

KRVE is an organisation dedicated to the rendering of technical-nautical services in the port of Rotterdam which are related to the mooring and unmooring of sea-going ships. We are also internationally active with various onshore and offshore projects.

We require:

  • Minimally required education: preparatory secondary vocational education (VMBO- theorie, VMBO-gemengd or VMBO-kader in the technology sector).
  • Proof of transition from the 3rd to the 4th grade also suffices for pupils in senior general secondary education (HAVO) or pre-university education (VWO).
  • Irreproachable conduct.
  • In possession of swimming certificate A (‘zwemdiploma A’).

We offer:

  • Free vocational training.
  • Wages during training.

The training lasts for three years, during which the necessary qualifications must be obtained and considerable experience must be gained; following completion of the training, the candidate must be able to operate independently.